Going Viral: How The Double Cork Changed Slopestyle And What The Future Holds

Double Corks “Suck”

Sage Kotsenburg. PHOTO: Rob Mathis

Haters have been calling out progression since the first 360 went down. Fortunately, talk is cheap. As Bud Keene, who rode for Sims and Burton in the mid-’80s points out, “When I retired as pro in ’89 people were doing 540s and that was about it. When guys started doing 720s people were like, ‘Oh my god, snowboarding’s going to hell. What a bunch of ballerinas.’ Then when people went to nine it was, ‘Oh my god, circus performers. Snowboarding’s going to hell.’ I’ve seen it every step of the way. Now the double comes along and people are talking shit about it, usually people who can’t do them. As long as it’s done with style, smoothness, and grabbing your board, it’s all good.”