GO! Boardin Road Update

Words by Alex Yoder

With December behind it’s finally Go! time. Up until this point the crew has been a little bit scattered. Some of us were busy ice climbing and taking pictures of penguins in Antarctica while others had to celebrate their newfound Instagram fame by taking a quick New Years surf trip to Mexico. But now the band is together and the wheels are spinning.  The shredding so far has been insane! Christmas powder at Baker and Alpental, followed up by some sunny days on the splitboards in the Baker backcountry and a recent trip out to Big Sky for the Smash Life Banked Slalom, a memorial event for our late friend and snowboarding legend Aaron Robinson.

A-Rob's memorial board tree in the Montana backcountry. Photo: Alex Yoder
A-Rob’s memorial board tree in the Montana backcountry. Photo: Alex Yoder

The day after the slalom we found ourselves in a secret place surrounded by pillows aplenty. Twenty something wide eyed boarders trekked up with boards, beers, and beards and had our selves a good ol’ fashioned Montana powder attack! In no more than an hour this face with seemingly endless pillow lines was completely demolished. This zone was a place Aaron had always loved to visit so to honor his life we tied one of his old boards high in a tree, resembling a cross, at the drop in to the pillows where every time someone straps in they will be reminded to go huge and get barreled as Aaron always would.…it’s time to Go!

Stay tuned for Episode 2 in early February and follow the Go! boardin crew at goboardin.com and @goboardin