Gnarly Clothes Office Visit

Photos, words, and interview by Ben Birk


Gnarly Clothes moved their offices about a year ago to a new space in Laguna Canyons, California so we decide to head over and check out their new spot. Upon arriving they handed us a beer and were more then happy to give us the grand tour and what we found really stoked us out. Awesome artwork on the walls, ping pong table, a jam room, surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, and some rad new clothing. We also snagged the interview below with the company co founder Keegan Valaika.


When did you start Gnarly? Sounds kind of weird, but that a hard question to answer.  Gnarly really started out as a joke too long ago to even remember and then organically formed into what it is today.

Why did you start Gnarly? There was never a conscious decision to start something, It kind of just happened. We just thought it was funny to write Gnarly on all of our stuff. Now it’s this creative outlet to bring all our friends into. We started to tie a product to the idea in Nov. 09

What’s the vision of Gnarly? To keep doing what we like regardless of what ever is cool or trending at the time.

Favorite team trip? I would have to say Mexico at this moment. We are fresh off a team trip to Baja last month to shoot our Spring/Summer 15 campaign, and it was one of those trips where everything just happens to end up working out perfectly. Quite the opposite of a typical team trip. It was a good transition into summer mode.

Worst moment on a team trip? If you want the truth, it’s when the weed team runs out of weed, on any trip!

Plans for the future? Grow the business, get more friends involved, and stay true to our roots through clever marketing.

Favorite things about the new office? There is a lot of good creative energy in here all the time. The jam room, ping pong, the fact that it’s in canyon in Laguna, board meetings when the surf is good, and nobody works here we don’t like. We are happy to come to work everyday.

Whats the name of the artist who did the paintings on the wall? Jonny Alexander in the back, Jack Bailey behind the ping pong table, and Evan (ST!NK) Rossell  and Keegan collabed the entrance.


Check out the Gnarly Mexico team trip HERE!