Saving Face

Assorted Dermatone skin-protection products ($3-6) will help you save your face while doing your thingon the slopes. Packed inside the pocket-portable tube or tin is a medicated balm that keeps the sun andwind off your face, preventing burning and chapping. Hardcore mountaineers have used this stuff for years.1-800-225-7546,


Having a tuned-up board whenever you go riding is alwaysnice. Having to pay and wait while your board gets the once-over in a shop is not so nice, especially if it’ssnowing. The Kuu Snowboard Tuning Kit ($27.95) and RED Deluxe File Kit ($59.95) allow you tokeep your snowboard in top shape and close by, so the next time it dumps a truckload overnight you’ll be setto go in the morning. Kuu: RED: (802) 651-0400, The New Ball andChain Yes, unfortunately, there are still ethically challenged dimwits roaming the resorts, helping themselvesto unattended snowboards. If you’re interested in protecting your setup and the healthy chunk of change youspent on it, then the Ball and Chain Kryptonite Board Lock ($23.95) might be just what you’re lookingfor. Convenient to store and use, the number-dial lock will keep meddlers at bay while you’re away.1-800-729-5625,

Quick Wax

Does your snowboard seem a little sluggish,sticking to the snow instead of sliding over it? Swix ($11) and One Ball Jay ($7.50) have come up with acure to the slow-lane blues with their snowboard- specific wax. Apply it to your board and soon you’ll begliding down the slopes. Both waxes are easy to use-just rub or spray on and go. Swix: 1-800-343-8335, One Ball Jay: 1-800-354-3935

Packin’ Heat Hot

Meal in the backcountry tough tofind? Not for riders carrying the Mountain Safety Research (MSR) WhisperLite stove ($52.50) andBlackLite cook set ($32.95). MSR has put together a portable, user-friendly cooking setup that won’t hogall the room in your pack. The single burner rests safely on three stabilizing legs while holding the nonstickpot comfortably above the propane- powered flame. A steaming cup of soup can be only a few minutesaway, even when your in the middle of nowhere. 1-800-877-9677,


A good pair of socks can be the difference between a comfortable day of riding and acan’t-feel-my-toes-because-they’re-frozen day. Wyoming Woolens will keep you on the slopes with theirfleece Alpine Stretch Socks ($19) instead of dethawing by the fire. A Lycra base helps to maintain thesocks’ original shape, while the quick-drying, breathable fleece keeps your feet warm. Flat-lock seamscreate a contour fit, preventing the stitching from pushing into your legs. Good for both hard and soft boots.1-800-732-2991,