Forum “Vacation” Premiere

September 28th was a big day for the city of Huntington Beach, and Forum Snowboards. It marked the World Premiere of Forum’s new video, “Vacation”. People flocked from all over to grace the Hunting Beach Pier and watch, what could be one of the top snowboarding films of the year.

The video opened up with Jake Welch. Jake has fully shed his skin as strictly a rail rider, and has now moved in to the big leagues as an all-terrain shredder. His part is one that’s not to be messed with. It’s strictly hammer time.

Everyone has a pretty beastly part. From Niko Cioffi, Cam Pierce, Nic Sauve, and Stevie Bell’s rail slaughtering, to Daniel Ek, Austen Sweetin, Andreas Wiig, and Alex Oestreng’s jump mastery. It was all pretty amazing.

But if I was going to have to pick a stand-out from the video, hands down, it has to be Pat Moore. That dude absolutely annihilated everything in his path last winter. From rails, to park jumps, to back country hits, he killed it all, and it was all done with amazing style.

Talking about “Vacation”, we can’t forget to mention the guys behind the scenes. Kurt Heine, Jeremy Pettit, Tim Peare, and the crew at Popular did an awesome job. It’s pretty crazy to think that they made two movies this year (They also made the Burton Movie, Standing Sideways)

Check out the Forum guys while they are on the “Vacation” tour. They are coming to a city near you.

North American Tour:
Oct. 13th Calgary, AB CAN – Plaza Theater
Oct. 14th Vancouver, BC CAN – Forum Sports Bar
Oct. 15th Portland, OR – Mission Theater
Oct.19th Detroit, MI – Crofoot Ballroom
Oct. 20th Montreal, QC CAN – Boulevard 44
Oct. 20th Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Oct. 21st Reno, NV – The Freight House District
Oct. 21st Plymouth, NH – The Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center
Oct. 22nd Salt Lake City, UT – Complex
Oct. 23rd New York City, NY – The Red Bull Space

European Tour:
Oct. 1st Feldkirch, Austria – Poolbar
Oct. 3rd Barcelona, Spain – Shoko Club
Oct. 5th Marseille, France – La Friche et Le Cabaret Aléatoire
Oct. 6th Bozen, Italy – Halle 28
Oct. 8th Landgraaf, The Netherlands – SnowWorld

Pick up “Vacation” at your local snowboard shop. You will not regret it! And while you’re at it, pick up our new November Issue. It’s out now, and it has a Jake Welch pro spotlight in it. Boo YA.