Flow Freeride World Festival Finals

It's no X Games. The qualifying venue for the 2012 Flow Freeride World Festival. PHOTO: Jeff Curley

Flow Freeride World Festival Finals

The contest is just a sliver of Tailgate Alaska. But when you have a parking lot full of freeride freaks, and a big bag of cash and heli time up for grabs, and endless venues for riders to prove their skills, it’s almost mandatory. The true attraction is Alaska—its seemingly endless mountains, hair-raising lines accessible from your tent door, alien-esque northern lights, and the uneasy feeling that you could just be swallowed up in a second in these glaciated mountains. All of this, plus powder and world-renown riders, creates one of the most captivating contests in snowboarding. Words are only a slice of the place and the experience, so here are the photos and results to back this rider-judged, freeride throw down.


1. Brandon Reid
2. Sammy Luebke
3. Mikey Marohn
4. Max Zipster
5. Donny Mills
6. Scotty Lago
7. Micah Hoogaveen
8. Cody Beach

1. Emily Weer
2. Yoko Nakamura

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