Five Misty Mitts


Volcom Gigi Rüf Gore-Tex Mitt


Gore Tex mittens. Sonuvabitch, those Volcom outertech nerds sure are on to something here. Maybe the biggest no-brainer of all time, super-waterproof mittens just make sense. Stash pocket, Thermore insulation, V-Science neoprene stretch, and tons more. Freaky colors, but hey—what’s good for the Gigi, is great for the gaper.

A few words from our in-house Gear Guru, Ben Gavelda: Gore-Tex + leather + mitt. It’s about time someone finally made this combination come true. Leather lasts season after season. Gore-Tex keeps your paws dry and mitts keep ‘em warm. These hot pockets even feature a mini vent/stash pocket. Enough said. -B.G.