Faction Launches New Bag Line

Faction Launches New Bag Line

Faction Denim, today announced they have launched a new line of skateboardand snowboard- inspired bags and accessories. There are two skate specificpacks, two snowboard specific packs, several travel bags, wallets and more.

“Perhaps the most unique piece in the line is the General Admission bag”,said President Tim Pogue. “Together with our factory, we’ve developed a bagthat not only has a built-in chair, but also has a ‘secret’ compartment thatis actually an insulated cooler for beers and ice – it’s the perfect outdoorevent bag. Our design philosophy is to give each bag a specific use beyondcarrying a skateboard or snowboard, with additional useful and uniquefeatures. For example our “Skate Tunes” bag is more for a vert skater -bigger and roomier for all the protective gear, and the “Street Skater” bagis a smaller and more aerodynamic skateboard bag.”

On the outside these bags have simple and understated designs and on theinside there are innovative features for carrying skateboards, snowboardingequipment, music players and other electronics. Some examples of thesefeatures are padded adjustable internal compartments for video or cameraequipment, a removable CD/minidisk pack, and some are even hydratorcompatible. This line will be launched along with the new clothing line atThe MAGIC INTERNATIONAL trade show in Las Vegas, February 13th – 16th atbooth #13438. The Fall ’01 line of clothing has expanded into new denimstyles and a variety of other pants for men.

Faction is a snowboard and skateboard retailer in downtown Seattle and amanufacturer of high- quality lifestyle clothing and accessories. Theysupport the grass roots skate, snowboard, music and art communities in avariety of ways around the globe and support other brands and retailers thatdo the same.