Every Third Thursday: Surf Snow Safari

We’re all aware of the influence board sports have on the other—surfing to skateboarding to snowboarding, the connections for most are undeniable. Have you ever imagined a board that you can rip on waves one day, then shred powder in the mountains the next? Well, the creative group that is Signal Snowboards have embraced this cross over concept and have designed that dream board for their next episode of Every Third Thursday. Are you ready for this? As a show that pushes the boundaries of snowboard design for fun, this may prove to be the most classic episode yet. From the beaches of Cardiff by the Sea with legendary surfer Rob Machado to the snowy Canadian steeps of Baldface Lodge with Curtis Ciszek and Dave Lee, Signal Snowboards share that undeniable connection by putting together the ultimate surf snow safari.

Don’t miss the bonus photo gallery below for more action of these mad scientists.

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