Erik Leon wins 15th Annual Bonfire Pipe To Pipe

The sun beat down on Mt. Hood, Oregon’s Palmer snowfield. A capacity crowd of 115 riders jammed for two hours. TWSNOW Online Editor Hondo was hand fed wieners. These ingredients came together for the Bonfire Pipe To Pipe at Windells, where veterans like Bobby Meeks and Preston Strout hiked alongside up and coming shreds like Justin Fronius, Sawyer Deen, and Tucker Speer. All wore the heckling of MC’s Java Fernandez and T-Bird. It takes a lot of hard work to remain the longest running summer snowboard and skate event, but for 15 years it has drawn a loyal group. The snow setup had a skate bowl vibe with a horizontal lift-tower-like-rail elevated on a spine in the center of the course that saw a lot of air time. No, there weren’t any double corks. There were a few flip-to-rail moves thrown in the mix, though.

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Photos Nick Hamilton


Am Women

1. Livia Molodyh
2. Caitlin Kelly
3. Naima Antolin

Am Men

1. Dominic Balarcho
2. Austin Evergingham
3. Herman Neal
Grom Award: Sean Fitzimons

Pro Women

1. Jessica Jenson
2. Mary Rand
3. Sarah Gail

Pro Men

1. Erik Leon ($750)
2. Sawyer Dean ($500)
3. Jesse Paul ($250)
Honorary ripper: Jager Bailey

Industry Division

1. Bobby Meeks
2. Ami Votuleinen
3. Preston Strout


Men 15 and under

1. Jake Selover
2. Kyle Ward
3. Sean Fitzimmons

Men 16 and over

1. Jordan Small
2. Nick Kenny
3. Donovan Lawler

Am Women

1. Laura Rogoski
2. Brooke Geery
3. Mary Rand

Pro Women

1. Justice Tabor
2. Livia Mulodiah
3. Traci Green

Pro Men

1. Mason Merlino ($750)
2. Danny Tumia ($500)
3. Chad Fenelin ($250)