Eastern Boarder’s 16th Annual Last Call at Loon Mountain : Full Gallery

While most riders were testing out the jump first hit – Matt Shaffer gave it a back rodeo 540 right outta the gate.
Ian Hart never fell once during the jump section. This cab 720 indy was one of many he put landed during the session.
Mike Ravelson “@flyinggg.jpeg” through the air with this backside 720 indy.
All day standout rider Rob Hallowell with a crowd pleasing backside rodeo.
Loon Mountain local Tyler L’Heureux with his signature frontside 540 crail grab
Podium finisher Parker Szumowski was one of the few riders able to figure out the rail section with high scoring tricks.
This guy was on fire all day. The judges announced on the speaker they wanted to see a frontboard on the triple down rail. This kid stepped up.
While on his way to hitting the wallride, Tyler L’Heureux threw up a proper front blunt on the Oakley rail.
Snaking through all the other riders on the way down, Ride Snowboards team manager Tanner McCarty hit the Red Bull wall ride with a big tail grab to fakie.
Bunyan room bad boy Shane Nassar is no stranger to big airs.
Mike Rav showed his skills with a 10ft method.
Last call legend Timmy Sullivan is best know for going big. It was no surprise he went higher than any other competitor.
Parker Szumowski has McTwists on lock. For some reason he did about four in a row on the hip.
Morris Gifford received the “send it like award” award from Timmy Sullivan for ripping it up all day.
Women's podium: 1st Laura Tamposi, 2nd Ty Schnorrbusch, 3rd Danika Duffy, 4th Mary Rand.
Men's Podium: 1st Parker Szumowski, 2nd Matt Shaffer, 3rd Rob Hallowell, 4th River Richer.

Words & Photos: Cole Martin

Now on its sixteenth year, Last Call has grown into one of the biggest snowboarding events on the East Coast, while at the same time maintains its local feel, and has been deemed, “one of the most laid-back huck fests,” around.


Snowboarders from around the globe flock to Loon Mountain to cut their teeth on the next-level park features that are created specifically for this event every year. Professional riders like Pat Moore, Chas Guldemond, Scott Stevens, Bode Merrill and Chris Grenier have all dropped in at Last Call and that elite list has continued to grow this year.

Full Results:

1st – Parker Szumowski
2nd – Matt Schaffer
3rd – Rob Hallowell
4th – River Richer

1st- Lauren Tamposi
2nd – Ty Schnorrbusch
3rd – Danika Duffy

Rails: Jed Sky
Jumps: Jack Herald
Quarterpipe: Kyle Dorfman
"Send it Like" Award – Morris Gifford