Dude Stew: A Recipe for the Ultimate Man Camping Trip

Dude Stew: A Recipe for the Ultimate Man Camping Trip

From the January 2013 Issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding

Words by Joel Muzzey

By now you’ve explored and exploited your home mountain for everything it’s worth. You’ve road tripped to Jackson, Baker, or the ’Bird. Maybe even paid excess baggage fees for a flight to the Alps or Alaska. You’ll take powder over park any day. You can grow a legit beard. As soon as possible, you’re moving to the mountains. After that comes the sled. And regardless of what your folks want, career plans have taken a backseat to shred plans. Your bros and your dog understand this but if your chick isn’t down, whatever. You’ve got places to go and mountains to ride.

If any of this rings true for you, congratulations. You’ve reached a new stage in life: You’re a man. Welcome. You’ve earned it—and it’s more than just the right to wear all black outerwear and drink beers at lunch. Manhood means you’re finally ready for the holy grail of shred missions: the man trip. After spending puberty in the park and coming of age with your feet strapped in, the next logical step is to step it up. What you need now is untracked powder, a cabin in the woods, a crew of your homeys. If you’re ready for an escape from the crowds, the scene, and the played-out sameness of regular resort riding, it’s time for a man trip.

Understand that a man trip is not like standard snowboard trips. First and foremost, the man trip is an adventure for you and the guys. Under no circumstances are females allowed. (Even a massage girl. Just, no.) Do you get invited to the girl’s yoga retreat weekend? No, you don’t, and there’s a good reason for that. Gender segregation makes sense sometimes. This is our rite of passage. Our escape. Bottom line: A man trip is what the name implies. It’s for dudes, period. Now, moving on…

After a few days spent stewing in a cabin with gang of dudes, Mikkel Bang started aggressively poking Miss Piggy. PHOTO: Jeff Curtes

A legit man trip does not take you to Aspen or Whistler or some other tourist trap resort town. It takes you deeper. Probably not Jeremy Jones deeper, but not some place with Starbucks and nightclubs, either. Ideally it takes you off the grid for a week, if not longer; it transports your crew far outside your comfort zone and into backcountry habitat that supports wild animals and balls-deep snowpack. A shred mission worthy of being called a “man trip” should make you a bit anxious and stir up something of the caveman sizzling deep in your DNA. It should be badass. Think big, and when a trip of this type starts to take over your thoughts, there’s nothing you can do but start making a plan. And plan like a man, because this shit needs to be epic.

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