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Dude Stew: A Recipe for the Ultimate Man Camping Snowboard Trip

Dropping The Kids Off Your Sled: 7 Easy Steps 

Unless you’re staying in some deluxe backcountry chalet with running water—which you shouldn’t be—dropping a deuce on your man trip means venturing out into the snow. The outhouse will be buried; can’t use that. And moreover, out of respect for your cabin mates and considering the manly diet, you’ll want a safe distance between you and the rest of the crew when it’s time to do your dirty. What do you do? You get on your sled and go. Here’s how.

1. Pocket some shit tickets and start your sled.

2. Drive a respectable distance away from your cabin and/or water supply.

3. Pick your spot and stomp out a small pit in the snow to give your grumpy a proper burial.

4. Make a little seat by placing your gloves on one of the sled’s running boards.

5. Squat beside your sled resting one cheek on the padded running board.

6. Drop the bomb. Clean up, admire your creation, smile, then cover it with snow.

7. Roop back to the cabin to wash your hands or slather them in hand sanitizer. Or both.

Mission accomplished. Now go hit a jump feeling five pounds lighter.


Man Trip Reading List

Exploring The Coast Mountains On Skis by John Baldwin

•A great resource for finding and accessing the countless of backcountry zones of coastal BC.

The Bro Code by Barney Stinson

•This book teaches you everything you will ever need to know about being a bro.

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

• The original guide to cabin life and existentialist/escapist ideology. A must read for all men.


Be Prepared

It could be overstating the obvious but it’s pretty much a given that you and the boys will require obscene quantities of stuff like steak, ammo, whiskey, chewing tobacco, and bacon on your dude cruise. But there are some other key essentials you’ll need to avoid blowing it on your wilderness adventure.

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