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Dude Stew: A Recipe for the Ultimate Man Camping Snowboard Trip

The Sled Factor

The stink of burning fuel and the brazen braaap of snowmobiles makes them the manliest means of transportation to remote man trip shred zones, but if you’re not down, touring out on a splitboard is always an option. In fact, many of BC’s best backcountry cabins are split-access only. But whether your crew chooses to sled or shuffle into the wilderness, all other man trip rules still apply.

Camp Life. PHOTO: Jeff Curtes

Our Ultimate Man Trip

Destination: Tenquille Lake Cabin, a remote backcountry zone north of Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada.

Trip Duration: 5 days

Crew: Jussi Oksanen, Mikey Rencz, John Jackson, Mikkel Bang

Filmers: Aaron Leyland and Tim Manning

Photographer: Jeff Curtes

Wizard: Shin Campos

Dead weight: Joel Muzzey

We brought a lot of shit. This isn’t the half, but add it up anyway.

9 men                                8  Ski-Doo Summits

1 rental Arctic Cat         2 helicopter sling loads of supplies

40 pounds of meat        20 gallons of water

4 bottles of booze          10 rolls of TP

6 dozen eggs                   1 pack of baby wipes

72 cans of beer               24 Jerry cans of sled fuel

8 gallons of two-stroke oil        1 duffle bag full of rocks (makeshift steam sauna)

12 liters of coconut water          6 pounds of chocolate

1 chainsaw                     2 porno mags

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