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Dude Stew: A Recipe for the Ultimate Man Camping Snowboard Trip

The Man Trip Code

Before getting too deep into planning, know the code. And make sure everyone else is on board, too.

1. Travel to a place you’ve never been before. Life’s too short to recycle spots.

2. Bros only. It’s gonna get weird, so it’s best not to bring outsiders.

3. No phone calls home to girlfriends, wives, and especially not moms.

4. Go big or stay home.

5. Nonstop verbal abuse, shit-talk, and foul language are required.

6. Eat as much meat as possible, even you vegetarians.

7. No showering, shaving, or complaining allowed.

8. Always help dig out a stuck bro’s sled.

9. What happens on the man trip stays on the man trip. No Instagram.


The Big Four: Crew, Location, Riding, And Food 

Get these four key factors dialed and your trip will rip.


Assembling the right crew is the most important factor. As the code mandates, it’s bros only. No crybabies, no pretty boys, and no dead weight dudes who can’t add something to the mix. You need at least one who can fix a sled, one guy who can cook, another who can break trail or lead the crew. Make sure you cover all the bases. One poorly picked dude in the crew can turn your trip of a lifetime into a backcountry stress fest. Choose only like-minded pirates and you should be good.


Go to Canada. Yes, there are a lot of other places you can go, but “Beautiful British Columbia” is the promised land. It offers the best combination of terrain, sled access, consistent snow, and backcountry cabin options. From the video-worthy sled zones surrounding Whistler to the Kootenays to Revelstoke, and all points east along the Powder Highway, BC is the best bet. This region also has really good beer, a factor that should never be overlooked.

If Canada isn’t an option, go here: [ link to other cabins/zones]


The riding is the reason you’re on the trip. Be sure that wherever you end up, there’s plenty of shit to session. Ideal spots will offer terrain variety with exposed alpine, cliffs, pillows, gullies, and sheltered tree zones all within close proximity. As a grown-ass man you should know that the odds of snorkeling through fresh powder every day of the man trip are slim. It’s always possible but be prepared to get creative. With a good crew, even shit conditions won’t put a damper on the good times. Building booters, trannies up trees, tow-ins, even a gap jump over the fire pit should suffice. The point is to ride. So ride every day and ride everything.


A wise man once said, “Do not go shy into the land of plenty.” What that means is, eat steak for breakfast. Bring way more food than you think you’ll need. Unless this is your first rodeo, you know food is a huge piece of the puzzle. You’ll be far from civilization, so you don’t want to forget anything. Plus you’ll be going hard all day and spending long nights loafing in a cabin with little else to do but eat and drink. You want to be prepared for this.  Plan a menu, coordinate group meals, and no matter what, overdo it.

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