Dew Tour Snow Basin

Scotty Lago went huge all day. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Even though it feels a bit like a monster truck show around the edges, the actual act of snowboarding saves the day, every day of Winter Dew Tour. For all you internet-boarders who live to hate, you would’ve had a hard time hating the pipe finals tonight. Under the lights, the riders put up some sick pipe runs to a massive crowd of what appeared to be real fans of snowboarding. For the ladies, Queralt Castellet, the young Spaniard went about twice as big as every other rider in the field. The announcers butchered her name as she fired frontside and backside fives in the ten-foot range. She will be at the Olympics again for Spain (she rode in Torino at just 16) and she will definitely be giving Kelly and Torah a run for the gold. A few shuffled landings cost her a higher spot. Kaitlyn Farrington is charging—she nabbed second with huge Cripplers and multiple nines. Elena Hight crushed the competition with this run: method, front 5 melon, back nine, front seven, Cab seven. Solid as hell. The six-woman, two run final went by quick.

Then the guys went. Scotty Lago basically owned the pipe tonight with his amplitude. Not even going into it—Lago’s runs made you feel sorry for the pipe. Kid never plays it safe, and because he was still going fifteen-feet out on the last hit in the pipe, the shallow wall wasn’t enough tranny and he sorta compressed out both runs. The crowd went apeshit crazy. As they should. Dylan Bidez also displayed serious power. His combo of Cab ten to front nine, to back nine was totally out of hand. This kid should be your favorite—best dude out—Jack Mitrani, had a strategy for tonight’s final, “I’m gonna try to get a chick’s number,” he said. Instead he got third. His runs contained huge styley alley-oops, nines both ways and huge Cab tens.Steve Fisher got second. Danny Davis had sketchy runs in practice—never set down his first hit Cab 10 double-cork, so he abandoned it. Jamming to the Grateful Dead in his headphones, Davis was on fire in his second run. He threw out a dizzying barrage that was topped by a front ten double into a switch alley-oop rodeo. Just watch the video. Slopestlye finals are tomorrow.

1Elena Hight92.50
2Kaitlyn Farrington88.25
3Queralt Castellet81.25
4Kelly Marren80.75
5Elizabeth Beerman75.75
6Jamie Anderson68.25

1Danny Davis96.00
2Steve Fisher91.75
3Jack Mitrani84.75
4Dylan Bidez80.00
5Brennen Swanson68.75
6JJ Thomas65.25
7Scotty Lago63.75
8Elijah Teter62.75
9Trevor Jacob56.25
10Roger Kleivdal56.00
11Broc Waring55.00
12Matt Ladley50.00