Craig Kelly Timeline

craig kelly snowboarder

Craig Kelly: April 1, 1966 –January 20, 2003

A timeline of Craig Kelly’s snowboarding accomplishments and life courtesy of Burton Snowboards.

  • 1985: 3rd Halfpipe, Sierra Snowboarding Championships
  • 1985: 2nd Halfpipe; 3rd Overall World Snowboarding Championships
  • 1985: 2nd Slalom, North American Snowboarding Championships
  • 1985: 2nd Racer’s Edge, Buttermilk, CO
  • 1986: Slalom World Champion; Overall World Champion
  • 1986: 1st Halfpipe, SSSA Wolf Creek Contest
  • 1986: 3rd Mount Baker Banked Slalom
  • 1986: 1st Banked Slalom, Pacific West Snowboarding Contest
  • 1987: 1st Slalom, Copper Mountain Competition
  • 1987: 1st Halfpipe, 1st Slalom, 1st Downhill, Grand Prix
  • 1987: 1st Slalom, 1st Moguls, 2nd Halfpipe, 2nd G-Slalom, Swatch World    Championships; Overall World Champion
  • 1987: 1st Slalom, 3rd Super-G, US Open; Overall US Open Champion
  • 1988: 2nd Halfpipe, 3rd Slalom, O’Neil World Cup, Austria
  • 1988: 2nd Halfpipe, 3rd Downhill, O’Neil World Cup, Italy
  • 1988: Overall World Champion
  • 1988: 1st Slalom, 2nd Super-G, Ray-Ban/Bausch & Lomb Competition
  • 1988: 2nd Moguls, Aloe Up National Snowboard Championships
  • 1988: 1st Halfpipe, 2nd Giant Slalom, Hoodoo Challenge; Overall Hoodoo Challenge Champion
  • 1988: 1st Halfpipe, Swatch World Championships
  • 1988: 3rd Halfpipe, 2nd Moguls, US Open; Overall US Open Champion
  • 1988: Mount Baker Halfpipe Champion
  • 1988: Mount Baker Banked Slalom Champion
  • 1988: Starts a Snowboard Camp sharing his passion for snowboarding
  • 1989: 2nd Halfpipe, 2nd Super-G, TDK World Cup
  • 1989: Overall O’Neil Halfpipe Champion (1st in both Halfpipe competitions)
  • 1989: #1, Final World Cup Ranking, Halfpipe
  • 1989: 1st Golden Trophy Overall World Cup Ranking
  • 1989: 1st Halfpipe, 1st Super-G, US Open; Overall US Open Champion
  • 1989: 1st Halfpipe, 2nd Giant Slalom, OP Pro
  • 1989: Has his first pro model, the “Mystery Air” with Burton Snowboards
  • 1990: Stars in the film “The Smooth Groove,” the first signature snowboard video
  • 1990: Feels freestyle is the future of snowboarding and focuses on pipe only instead of competing in all disciplines
  • 1990: 1st US Open Halfpipe
  • 1991: 1st North American Pro Tour Overall
  • 1991: 2nd US Open Halfpipe
  • 1991: Mount Baker Banked Slalom Champion
  • 1992: Quits competition and only films, redefining the “pro rider” status
  • 1993: Mount Baker Banked Slalom Champion
  • 1993: Winner of the Op Wintersurf Competition, combining surfing and snowboarding
  • 1996: First snowboarder to ride in Iran; discovers the beauty in a more simple life
  • 1997 – 1999: Pioneers many first descents through the Pacific Northwest and northward toward Alaska
  • 1998: Establishes a yearly avalanche safety camp in Japan
  • 1999: Settles in Nelson B.C.
  • 2000: Embarks on a one-year journey with his newfound love Savina, driving his camper-van from Alaska all the way to Chile, surfing the Pacific Coast along the way
  • 2001: Birth of daughter, Olivia, in Chile
  • 2001: Starts to work with Baldface Lodge as a guide
  • 2001: Gets involved with the Chill program to take disadvantaged kids to the hills
  • 2001: Designs Burton’s Splitboard technology to offer snowboarders access deeper into the backcountry
  • 2001: Becomes the first snowboarder to enter the Canadian Avalanche Safety Guiding Program
  • 2002: Receives the Tranny Award, the snowboarding industry’s most prestigious lifetime achievement award
  • 2002: Becomes the first snowboarder to pass his level 1 Guiding Course on a split board
  • 2003, January 20: Avalanche takes his life while training to become the first snowboarder to be fully certified as a Canadian Mountain Guide
  • 2003: The European Open in Italy cancelled all contests for the day, declaring it a day of freeriding in memory of Craig