Check Out: Jordan Mendenhall

Name: Jordan Mendenhall

Age: Eighteen

Hometown: Highland, Utah

Homefield: Brighton, Utah

Position: Kicker kid and part-time pipe jock

Years in the league: Six

Drafted by: World Industries, Dub, DC, Spy, Drake, Milosport

Andy Wright: Are you a pipe jock?

Jordan: No! I just try ride it when it gets good, because we never get a chance to ride good pipes around here. Everyone thinks I'm all into to it, but I'm not.

Tell me about your nickname, “Halibut”?

J.P. Walker started calling me that because he thinks I look like one. I don't even know what one looks like.

Is it true you slept with your first snowboard on the first night you took it home?

Yeah, it's true. It was a Burton 139 with those huge wraparound bindings and three straps. I was so stoked on it, I had to sleep with it.

How many sponsors have you gone through in the last year?

Six– Forum, Airwalk, Limited, Special Blend, Smith, and Volcom.

How many of those did you have twice?

Just Forum. Well, and kind of Airwalk, too, but I never signed with them.

Who's good?

Matt Ryan; the Forum guys are ill–Nate Bozung, too; Mikey LeBlanc; and the World team.

How did you manage to finish high school last year while snowboarding every day?

It was so hard. I had to make up most of my work in the last two weeks of the year, but I still managed to graduate with a 3.0.

Now that you have all this free time, how do spend it?

Playing PlayStation and waiting for it to snow, which it never seems to do anymore. Oh yeah, I skateboard, too.

So, you don't have time for the boys' choir then?

No! That was only in fourth grade.

If you could eliminate any question from this check out, which would it be?

Probably the one about the boys' choir.

I'll keep that in mind, now say goodbye.

Goodbye. Wait, don't I get to give any shout-outs?

Well, I wasn't going to go there, but go ahead, shout away.

Thanks to Jeremy and J.P., Mitch and Brandon, Steve Ruff and everyone at Four Star, Chris Saydah, Brian Botts, Nick Rosa, George at Drake, Doug Proodian, Milo, the Tri-City Crew, and Nate, too.

That's it?

Yeah, but I also should say something cool about girls–that way when they read this they'll be stoked.

Go for it.

Here's a shout to all the ladies out there who never got with me.