Caught Up: Wolle Nyvelt

How was your snowboarding season this year? You filmed for Absinthe again? How many years has it been filming for Absinthe?

F..k it’s been a while for sure. This was my 14th year with Absinthe, real crazy if you think about it. I have been filming with them since Brusti and Justin got together for Tribal and since then I’ve filmed for every movie. It’s just the best crew I can imagine for myself and I’m really proud to be a part of it.

 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen anyone do on a Noboard?

It’s probably the Canadian Chinese Downhill at the GT Memorial, pretty much everything is crazy about that event and watching somebody like Penner shred is sick. Bode (Merrill) got an Äsmo  a couple of years ago and he has done some sick tricks, and I think there’s more to come with his skills. What I’m still really stoked about is when Terje took his first runs on the Äsmo on a japan trip we were on together. He’s such a naturally gifted rider, the moment he stepped on the board he ripped with his unique style and rode the most fluid that I’ve seen so far.

Now that the season is winding down, what’s your plan for the summer?
Im off to Indo for a month or so, and I’m hoping for a Chile trip in August to get back on the the snow. I love it down there. It’s the best country in the world!
Now that’s a timeless stalefish… PHOTO: Scott Sullivan