Caught Up With Pat Moore


Caught up with Pat Moore

Pat is back. He’s recovered from shoulder surgery and shredding full time now. Although he missed the entire 2009/2010 season, Pat squeaked in a few shots for the Forum video, F-k It and has plans to keep the cameras rolling for Travis Rice’s two-year project Flight. Here’s what else is stirring in the mind of Pat Moore.

How did you get injured this year?
I went to the Air and Style at the end of November and landed wrong right before the contest started on a front 1080. Just bounced on the knuckle and because I was spinning I kept rotating and caught my edge. My shoulder hit first. I tore up my labrum so I got surgery a week after that happened. So yeah, I got hurt and that was it. I went to San Diego and hung out with my girlfriend and did physical therapy all winter.

Photo: Ian Ruhter
Photo: Ian Ruhter

How long have you been back on snow now?
I was riding a bit towards the end of the season, just turning. I went to Mammoth to help with Eddie Wall’s contest and with Super Park. I started riding again at Mt. Hood. Session One at High Cascade was when I got back into it.  Then I went to France, Les Deux Alpes, then to Camp of Champions. And here I am holed up in New Zealand.

Are you hungry for this upcoming season or what?
I’m super hungry and I have a better view of my goals or whatever. I’ll be working with Forum again for another video and hopefully going on a few trips with Travis Rice for his new video.

Photo: Ian Ruhter
Photo: Ian Ruhter

You have a foundation where you give back to aspiring snowboarders, can you tell me more about it?
It’s through Waterville Valley. They have a really good snowboard program up there. It’s not even really mine, it’s a group of ours, my mom helps out a lot. We just help kids who need help snowboarding. We get them into the weekend program or for example, we gave this kid Jack Herald a session at High Cascade, just stuff like that. Kids who need help financially. Whether it’s being on the team or giving them some money for a season pass. We just try to do it like that. It’s super small, but we’re trying to make it grow. It’s a lot of work to do a full foundation, so right now we just raise money and give it away.

What music have you been listening to lately?
I bought the new Slayer, World Painted Blood and that one’s sick. As well as the new Hank Williams III, Rebel Within. So just those two lately.

Photo: Tim Peare
Photo: Tim Peare

I remember you saying you didn’t listen to Slayer in your TransWorld interview last year. Did you turn the corner?
Haha! I guess my dry humor doesn’t come to life in print. I’m a Slayer fan for sure. I’m also a Satanist [laughs].

Were you able to film at all for a video part?
No. I’ve been trying to this summer. It’s been an uphill battle. Even though I haven’t been filming much, it’s good to get back in the swing of things. The season is gonna be here pretty quick. Even though it’s just been a lot of beatings and not landing tricks, it’s good to get that feeling again.

Who are some of the new kids coming up that you’ve seen?
This kid Alek [Ostrang] and Austen Sweetin both rip. I’m excited to see what they have for a video part this year. I was just with Red Bull for a week and they had Marc McMorris and Seb Toots up there. I’ve never really gotten to ride with them and they just rip. They’re definitely contest riders and ride park, but it’s sick to see how much confidence they have just learning new tricks. They’re the ones doing the double flip thing off of everything.