Caught Up: The Adidas Snowboarding team

Caught Up: The Adidas Snowboarding team

Well it’s official, Adidas are fully in the snowboarding game. Their team is stacked with Jake Blauvelt, Kazu Kokubo, Eric Jackson, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, and Helen Schettini. We sat down with a few members of the new Adidas team (Ejack, Forest, and Helen to be exact) to see what they’ve been up to, and what they’re getting excited for.

Forest Bailey

What have you been up to since the season ended?

I’ve been having a really great summer. I did a lot of traveling and hanging with tons of great people, I saw some good music, and I skateboarded a bunch. I also moved into Keegan’s (Valaika) so that’s going be the base for this winter.

What’s been the coolest thing you’ve done this summer?

I’ve been shooting a lot of photos with this little Nikon film camera I got, So I’ve been pretty hyped on that.

What’s your plan for the season?

My plan for next winter is to do a lot of snowboarding with good friends in great places. I’ll be filming for the new TransWorld movie, and also filming for Givin again so it should be a good winter. I’m heading to Japan next week for a little Gnarly tour and opening day at Mt. Fuji. That should be pretty tight too.

Forest Bailey knows what it means to tweak. PHOTO: George Crossland

What’s up with Adidas? When did that come about? Do you have any big plans to do anything cool with them?

Getting on Adidas all went down at the end of last season, and through this summer. I had been hearing that Adidas was trying to get into snow, and I asked a couple people if they knew what was up with it because I thought it sounded really sweet. Photographer Mike Yoshida emailed Greg Martin for me last spring and that got things rolling. About a week after Mike emailed Greg I got a text from Jake (Blauvelt) asking if I would be interested in riding Adidas boots. I remember being pretty blown away. I was obviously down and Jake put me in touch with Terrell and the rest is history.

Is getting their sick skate shoes the best part of riding for them?

(laughs) Yea getting their shoes is definitely awesome, but everything about it is pretty awesome. I’m really just excited to be on Adidas with Keegan and the rest of the crew.

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