Caught Up: Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan is a world class snowboard photographer. Remember the Nicolas Muller cover of our magazine last year? Yeah, he shot that. He also shoots with Travis Rice, the Absinthe crew, and a ton of other legendary shredders in the pacific Northwest. But what does he do when he puts down the camera? Well Scott is also an incredible musician. With his 4th record recently released, and new music video, we thought now would be the perfect time to catch up with Scott and see exactly what’s happening.

nicolas muller snowboard photos powder
Nicolas Muller. PHOTO: Scott Sullivan

Hey Scott, what’s happening?

It’s all happening. Just having a great summer, minus the crappy surf part.

So let’s talk about your new record, Cracks and All, how did the cover art for your new album take place? 

Cracks and All is my 4th album. Each album has embraced a different feel both visually and sonically. As this one grew, I just had this idea in my head of the white cracked egg and how the egg represents so much potential at the inception of life, similar to human life, and as it grows and develops it becomes subjected to cracks from inner and outer forces. It’s tragic in some sense, but it’s also victorious because every egg out there is in the same boat. The album is no different. The songs start out simple and stripped down like an egg, and then as the process continues with recording they develop some beautiful flaws throughout which give them character. So it became a matter of showing off the cracks with pride and that’s where the pedestal comes in. I made a mini egg photo studio out of my daughters paper easel and lit it with natural light…et  voila! Stefan Hofmann, the artist behind Spacecraft, helped me to lay it all out and he also created some amazing custom art for the back cover and liner notes.

Art by Stefan Hofmann

 Do you like soft-boiled eggs?  

 I have grown curiously fond of soft- boiled eggs over the years after spending many a pre-riding breakfast with the likes of Nicolas Muller, Wolle Nyvelt ,and the lot of the euro Absinthe crew. Europe is big on 3 minute eggs, over here in the States not so much. The Euros kind of know what’s up though with good living and good food. I have even lately taken to making my own at home, for which I have purchased some “eggy pants” for them to rest in while me and my kids decapitate them and eat their brains.

 What are the main influences for the album. Did you take any influence from the places you’ve traveled to with your snowboard/ camera?    

 Some of the influences come from dealing with personal struggles, and also the energy that comes out of resolution of those struggles. I am also influenced by the art of songwriting and the ability to convey the emotion, or the message, from the song in a concise and effective way. Similar to how one would edit a video part- you want to cut out all the unnecessary BS and get to the point.

Travis Rice, Revelstoke, Art Of Flight, Snowboard Photos PHOTO Scott Sullivan
Travis Rice. PHOTO: Scott Sullivan

I always feel inspired when I am on photo trips, it’s something to do with being on the move and experiencing new things every day.  The title song, “Cracks and All” I wrote at the end of a snowboarding trip to Chile. I was seeing a lot of music in Santiago on that trip and was inspired by the different time signatures and instrumentation. The song ended up in 3/4 waltz time and has some melodica and various rhythm gadgets throughout.

Check out Scott’s new video for “Last Call” on the next page.