Caught UP: Kimmy Fasani Interview & Full Part

No more ceilings. Whistler, BC. PHOTO: Colin Adair
PHOTO: Colin Adair
Out of the contests, and into the powder. PHOTO: Colin Adair
We could easily run this shot as Devun or Iikka, and you'd never know the difference. Blurring the lines in the Whistler backcountry. PHOTO: Colin Adair
That's one knuckle you definitely don't wanna get bucked by. - Earning her stripes, DC says,
All Caught Up. Photo: DC
Torah Bright and Kimmy, Roxy Chicken Jam 2011. PHOTO: Makena Hunt
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Filming full-time and logging shots like never before, Kimmy's all smiles in 2011. Photo: DC
Great 'biles of fire. Blowin' up in the backcountry. PHOTO: Ashley Barker

Kimberly “Kimmy” Fasani

Born: 04/25/84
Sponsors: DC, Smith, Skullcandy, Clif Bar, Mammoth Mountain, Snowcreek Athletic Club
Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain

DC “This Is Snowboarding” – Kimmy Fasani Full Part Remix ~

Buy the ticket, take the ride…

When Kimmy Fasani was offered the chance to film full-time this season, that famous perma-smile might have widened just a touch, but she didn’t waste a minute. The truck was readied, the sled was loaded, and the dial pointed North in no time at all, leading the Mammoth local on a beeline towards Whistler, BC. But this wasn’t your normal crew she was about to join—this was Devun Walsh and Iikka Backström. Nor was this going to be the generic, short-term backcountry commitment to split up the annual riding cycle. Digging in her heels, Whistler was now home for the duration.

Meeting up to film with the likes of Devun Walsh and Iikka Backström is a daunting scenario for any seasoned pro—male or female—yet Kimmy sent the opportunity as she has time and again, returning from the Canadian white room with shots, footage, and a focus that’s prompted the snowboard world to do more than it’s fair share of pillow-talking as of late. Simply put, Kimmy’s been killing the game this season, and we’re all looking forward to what’s coming over the next ridge.

Regardless of how many times it’s been said, the old adage continues to be proven true: there are times in this crazy life when you really do just need to inhale that deep breath and make the unknown plunge.

…Into tits-deep powder in the Whistler backcountry. — AH

"Keeping up" with the boys in BC. PHOTO: Colin Adair
"Keeping up" with the boys in BC. PHOTO: Colin Adair

Hellooo, Kimmy Fasani. How’s the season going?
This season has been really fun! There’s been so much snow, a good amount of sunny days, and some pretty all-time crews.

The big news this year was your Double Back. Walk us through the day, how the decision came about to send one?
The Double Back was a trick I had been thinking about for a while, and I was just waiting for the right jump. In mid-January, I went on a trip with Cheryl Maas and Hana Beaman to Silverton, Colorado. As we were building the jump, I started thinking about how perfect it was was for that trick. The snow was so deep, the landing was wide open, and everything just seemed to be lining up perfect. I didn’t really tell anybody—except for the filmer—what I was thinking of doing, because I didn’t want to put pressure on myself! The next day, we woke up to crystal-blue skies and I decided to give the Double Back a try. After a couple tries and lots of hiking, I landed it. So Fun!

~ Double Back teaser from DC and Standard Films. Check the full dub this Fall in Standard’s new “TB20

And then the gates opened. Cheryl would set a Double down as well, right?
Yeah; Cheryl was there the day I landed, and the next day we hit a different jump—she stomped a Double Back first try. She’s such a strong, no BS rider, and her web edit series that’s coming out in the Fall will be insane [“Open Air” – check the teaser HERE]. From the looks of it, Cheryl stomped a Switch Double this season, too!

Tell us a bit about your time spent filiming with Devun Walsh and Iikka Backström this season. What was going through your head when you first got the invite to join them in Whistler?
When I first heard that I was invited to ride with Devun and Iikka in the Whistler Backcountry, my stomach fell to my feet! I was so excited—Devun has been a rider I’ve looked up to since I started snowboarding—but the other part of me was so nervous, because I didn’t want to blow the opportunity by not being able to keep up. ~ [We’re pretty sure you “kept up”, Kimmy… ha]

We could run this shot as "Devun" or "Iikka", and you'd never know the difference. Blurring the lines in the Whistler Backcountry. PHOTO: Colin Adair
We could run this shot as "Devun" or "Iikka", and you'd never know the difference. Blurring the lines in the Whistler Backcountry. PHOTO: Colin Adair

How do you think you held up, filming with the boys? Did you get shots and stake your own?
Filming with the guys was pretty unbelievable. For the month and a half I was in Whistler, we only had about eight blue days, but we were still able to get some things done. Riding with them made me realize: if you’re in a good, trustworthy crew, you’re probably going to be productive. I think I held my own… [laughs] I only got stuck on my sled a couple times… Those guys were very patient and I am so appreciative for that opportunity—I owe them big time.

What are a few things that people don’t know about Devun and Iikka that they should?
Devun and Iikka would never admit this because they’re too humble, but they really are a big deal. Check it yourself at: ~ [Webisode #1 from Devun and Iikka’s new film project, Polar Opposites, available HERE]

Great 'biles of fire. So, Kimmy... this was one of the "stuck"...? PHOTO: Ashley Barker
Great 'biles of fire. So, Kimmy... this was one of the "stuck"...? PHOTO: Ashley Barker

In your view, how is it different for women riders to film with other women as opposed to riding/filiming with the guys?
Riding and filming with women can be really productive if the crew is motivated, positive, and down to push each other. Riding and filming with guys is a completely different mentality. They don’t over-analyze features and hammer out tricks like it’s nothing—it can give girls the confidence to step up and push themselves.

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