Caught UP: Kimmy Fasani Interview & Full Part

Standard Films‘ “The Storming” Radical Reels edit (Kimmy’s part begins at 1:15)

Along with Devun and Iikka, you’ve been supported by DC for a few seasons now, leading the women’s team.
Being part of the DC crew is pretty humbling. Everyone on the team is so sick and the company gives us the tools to go out and make things happen. I feel fortunate to have DC supporting me.

Yourself, Raewyn, and now Phoebe. Break down the women’s team for us.
The DC women’s team is small, but each girl brings something unique to the crew. Raewyn [Reid] is so sick at rails, and her style is flawless with everything she does. Phoebe [Novello] is a 17-year old, legit, well-rounded, new addition to the women’s program. The three of us together create a really entertaining group dynamic… [laughs]

That's one knuckle you definitely don't want to get bucked by. "Made".
That's one knuckle you definitely don't want to get bucked by... - Earning her stripes, DC says, "I do."

Anonymously-submitted question time… “What’s it like being engaged to a man with two poles?”
I am a very lucky lady. Chris is an amazing guy, and we both understand the hectic nature of this crazy life we live. ~ [Kimmy is engaged to professional skier and Mammoth charger, Chris Benchetler]

You got the go-ahead this year to step back from the contest scene. How long have you been looking to film full-time, and what prompted the change?
Contests are great for some people, but I just get too nervous. I really love riding park and would love to do well at contests, but it just hasn’t been my cup of tea [laughs]. I thought I was in dreamland, thinking that I could join the limited list of full-time filming ladies… However, DC gave me that option this year! I knew that in order to make a decent video part happen, I would need to just focus on that one thing.

Filming full-time and logging shots like never before, Kimmy's all smiles in 2011.

Umm… I just got word that there is a Kimmy Fasani App. Discuss.
[Laughs] Fantapper approached me and asked if they could give me a free web App! They were branching into the sports industry, and I just happen to be a snowboarder they picked. ~ [For the full Kimmy, Download the Fasani Fantapper App HERE]

Ultimate part song.
“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Or, “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates!

K.F. Pro Model = “Knife Fighter”, “Karaoke Fiend”, “Kitten Fancy”, or “Killer Ferrari”? And why…
[Laughs] “Knife Fighter”, for sure. Don’t mess with me, or I’ll have to show you why…

Describe for us, your ideal day on a snowboard. Who, where, what, when, why, all of that good stuff.
The ideal day would involve a good crew of friends; a heli trip; deep, blower powder; sunny, blue skies; and no cameras—for at least one day! Soul shredding with friends is what snowboarding is all about. ~ [Amen, sister.]

Sounds like we’re all Caught Up! You’re a boss; any thanks or shout outs to send us off?
Sending prayers and all my love to Japan. Thanks to TransWorld, all of my Sponsors, Light Gives Heat, my Mom, Chris, Reese, friends, and family.


All Caught Up, and Oh, The Places She'll Go. ~ Thanks Kimmy! ~
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