Caught UP: Eiki and Halldór Helgason Full Parts, Interview & Photos


So Eiki …

We heard you just got broke off! How did it happen? How long are you out?
Eiki: I broke a bone in my back at the beginning of January. I took a month off, and then on the first day back to filming, I broke my collarbone and fucked my ribs! The doctor told me to chill for another month. It’s not my best season … [laughs]!

Damn, dude. Well, you already spent a year filming for the Rome movie. Will you still have a part, after switching to Lobster?
I won’t have a part in the Rome movie. I only went on one trip with them last year, to Japan, because I was filming for Standard and Pirates last year. This year, I’m filming with Standard again, and then “Sexual Snowboarding”.

In your mind, what makes a good video part in 2011? What do you set out trying to do, personally?
I have some tricks that I’m working on, but i’m gonna keep that a secret…! I like to watch street parts way more than pow, but I do like to see some crazy new jump tricks in there. What I want for my own video part is a lot of rail tricks, and then some mini-shred fun stuff. For jumps, I like to get some doubles and stuff. I like to see new tricks, so that’s what I try to get—but it’s really hard to come up with new stuff nowadays!


So Halldór …

At the China Air & Style, you made a bit of news by just throwing huge backflips. Then at the Munich stop, you turned it on and threw down hard. Why the difference?
Halldór: I don’t really care about contests too much. It’s fun to do a couple each year, and it helps your riding so much—when you see how good the contest guys are, you really try and step it up. But yeah … I don’t send it all the time. Sometimes, like at the China Air & Style, I just felt like doing mellow stuff, so [that’s what] I did. But then, when I’m stoked on the setup and everything, I try and send it. I just ride the way i feel, and i think everyone should do that! No need to feel any pressure if it’s not good for you … always do whatever you feel like doing.

How much longer do you see yourself competing for?
I want to keep doing contests each year, but I try and just enter four big contests during the season, and then focus on filming as much as possible—because that’s what I’m more stoked on. It’s good to do both for sure, though. It’s so insane how much higher the level of contest riding has stepped up from last year to now! People are sending like there’s no tomorrow—it’s hard to keep up on that…! People have to start giving me a break here and not thinking that I’m going to win all the time. I’ve been in last place so many more times than first this season … that’s so much more chill, because you don’t have to do all the media stuff after the contest!

Fair enough. Last thing: a lot of riders cop your style these days. What’s it like seeing all these kids rocking your look?
It’s really cool to see! [It’s] always fun to see that other people seem to be stoked on what you’re doing, and it makes you wanna keep on going!