Caught Up: Cory Cronk

Do you remember Cory Cronk? One of the OG FODT riders, Cory had a style that was different than everyone else. He was killing it, everyone knew who he was, and then poof, gone. Well we caught up with Cronk to see where he’s been, and what he’s been up to. Be on the look for his new part in Mt. High‘s Los Angeles, dropping here, on TWSNOW.COM on September 26th.

Cory Cronk. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What have you been up to since you dropped that killer part in “One Love?”
Oh man since One Love… I've just been on the hustle doing my thing. I've been riding a lot of Mt. High with my homie and super sick shredder Trever Haas. We've been filming our ktG edits. I've also been filming for the Mt. High drive inn series, and last season I filmed a full part for Mt. High's full length film,Los Angeles. I started Killn the Game  (ktG) in 2009 with Trever Haas, and we've been having so much fun filming and making  these park edits at Mt. High. ktG is all about killing the game of life, killing it in whatever your doing in life in a positive way. ktG

I also had my beautiful daughter, Cashlyn Cronk 3 years ago. She has lit up my life and is the reason I smile every day .

Cory Cronk. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

When did you decide that you wanted to film a full part again?
During the year I filmed my part with FODT for the movie the Arena. That was a really inspirational year and I really just fell back in love with the sport. Never forget why you started the shred.

Was it harder than you remembered filming a part?

I think it was the same as I remembered… It's a lot of hard work and dedication, but also  good times with good people.

Cory Cronk. PHOTO:Chris Wellhausen

What snowboarder are you the most stoked on right now?

I'm really stoked on my lil' homie Trever Haas. He is a young killa from Mt. High that kills the game on a board, and just the way the kid presents himself really inspires me!

Who’s helping you out with product?

My support comes from Mt High, Powder and Sun, Ride snowboards, Osiris shoes ,Electric, Original Genius, Neff headwear,  ktG, and Tattoos by Sailor.


Cory Cronk. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

What’s next for this season?

This upcoming season I'm really stoked to shred. I will be working on a part for the Mt. High full movie, making these ktG edits, and some cool stuff with Osiris and Mt. High so keep a look out for dope stuff up at the High.

I would like to say thanks to all the fans, sponsors , and most important my parents for always having my back since day one… and also to all the kids. Dream big and never give up! ktG