Caught Up … With Jamie Anderson


Caught Up … With Jamie Anderson

By Christy Chaloux

How does it feel to be an Olympic hopeful?
Ha, it feels good :)

What is your training regime?  Like how many push ups do you do per day?
I just started working out with my trainer last month, but I’m on a pretty intense program, five days a week … feeling strong!

How has your focus changed now that you have graduated high school and don’t have that distraction?
Well being in school in general is always a bit stressful, add traveling six to eight months of the year, and it gets super stressful!  But now that I’m graduated, I feel like I have so much free time to do what I want and learn about things I actually want to learn about! I love it! My focus is right where I want it and—I’m stoked!

What’s your plan for winter?
I’m trying to do all the Grand Prix/Olympic qualifiers, Dew Tour’s and the X Games … and try to shoot in between!

What are you thinking about as you drop into a slope-style run?

God, please help me land and stay safe! And I’m almost always rocking out to good music!

Do you get nervous?
Sometimes …

Describe the feeling at the end of your run when you stop all of your tricks?

I heard that you’re member of a gang called the One Life Crew, tell me a little about it.
We’re all just super good friends! Bev Vuillimier, Marie-France Roy, Chanelle Sladics, Kjersti Buass and I. We always live life to the fullest, and during one trip to Vermont we just kinda called ourselves the one life crew … easy way to get your friends to do something random or fun… c’ mon one life! Let’s go out! Haha.