Camp of Champions Week B Photos And Video ReCap

Every summer, Camp of Champions plays host to a ton of great times with great people. Session B was no exception as they had Torstein Horgmo and Seb Toots both going upside down more than once per jump.

Other notables included the:

  • Isenseven film crew
  • Dutch National Team
  • DCP and the YES crew
  • Craig McMorris
  • Source Boardshop week: Devun Walsh, TJ Schneider, Kale Stephens, Jake Kuzyk, Dwayne Weibe, Layne Treeter, Ryan Hall
  • Vivo headwear BBQ day: Kevin Griffin, Anthony Leffelaar, Corey Sheppard, Helen Schettini

It doesn’t get much better than being in Whistler, snowboarding in the summer, and taking part in some of the shenanigans. If you were there, you probably heard about the kid that got way too excited in the air bag and wet his pants. If you weren’t there, enjoy the photos and video edit to make it feel like you were.

-Intro and Photo Captions: Colin D. Watt

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