Camp of Champions Session B photo recap

Photos: Ashley Barker

Words: Colin D Watt

It might have been Session B at Camp of Champions last week, but there was definitely a stacked roster of A-list riders tearing the park apart on the daily. The sun was out in full force and the features were pimped to perfection.

Things got serious in the park with national teams coming from all over the world to get a taste of the world renowned COC terrain. Riders arrived from Norway, Holland, Japan, Belarus, along with every single Canadian snowboarder that has migrated to Whistler for the summer. With clear skies, a perfect park and some of the world’s best riders; there could be no better opportunity than to have a private evening session. They might be “training” to go to the Olympics soon but Mark McMorris, Simen Neraker, Stale Sandbech, and Seb Toots were definitely just having a good old time until the sun tucked itself in behind the mountain peaks.

Just when the riding was getting too hot to handle, July 3rd treated us to a very welcomed cool down with fresh snow fallen overnight accompanied by a couple powder turns in the morning. The Quiksilver crew was there to remind everybody to have fun regardless of the conditions and a penguin slide race ensued. The posse of Brian Fox, Chris Rasman, Will Lavigne, Bevan Hall, Alex Beebe & Matt Belzile also had a Quik session on the mini hip with  tons of prizes to keep the kids amped.

July 4th saw the sky clear up and allowed the glacier return to summer conditions for the Roxy team to show the girls a good time. Ending the week with a scavenger hunt that included the pool as the final destination and Erin Comstock & Robin Van Gyn as the hosts, Session B was definitely one to remember.