Camp of Champions Session A recap

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Photos: Ashley Barker

Words: Colin D Watt

It’s that time of the year again where you notice the telltale signs of the seasons changing:

The geese have flown North and the bears have abandoned their hibernation as they sense that things are starting to get a bit more exciting. The lifts are turning and the chairs are starting to get occupied.

The hazy spring fog has burnt off to reveal the long bluebird summer days. The snow is no longer falling, but on the glaciers there are stockpiles large enough to get us through until next winter. Flowers have blossomed, lakes have thawed, and Mother Nature is ready to embrace a massive gang of smelly adolescent snowboarder punks.

Pro snowboarders, hungry rookies and eager campers have all migrated to Whistler, British Columbia. Camp of Champions is now in session for 2012.  They just finished the first week, known as Stepchild week.  JP Walker, Simon Chamberland and Joe Sexton, were up shredding and hanging with campers all week.

With three more sessions to go, it’s never to late to sign up.  Check the site here for more information