Bridging The Gap: The Next Wave Of Women’s Snowboarding

Looking Ahead: The Next, Next Wave

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Smooth spin, grab held. Jamie Anderson is leading the women’s front with moves like this silky frontside 720. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

While blowing up in women’s snowboarding may still be an uphill battle, those leading the way are on the right track. Aside from progression, one of the main goals is to get more girls involved in snowboarding, and many female pros are using social media to connect with other girls. Plus, sites like and Oakley’s Perform Beautifully Collective ( are at the forefront of joining women together through online communities.

“Companies are seeing that riders are becoming more relatable to people,” says Beaman. “We’re more than just a snowboarder or a pipe rider; we’re multidimensional, which I think really resonates with the average woman rider. Spreading awareness of snowboarding to girls is one of the biggest things brands can do. Let girls know that they can do it, and make product that works for them so they have a fun experience.”

All of these riders interviewed encourage women to join together and support each other for the greater good. “Women in snowboarding need to support women’s snowboarding,” says Fasani. “As long as each girl’s goal is to progress the sport, we’re all working towards the same thing.”

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