Both Sides Of The Lens

Scott Stevens

Why do you make movies?

It’s pretty simple I’ve been filming my friends skating forever and it’s a hobby that I’ve had since I was in high school. I actually have made like almost ten skate/ snow oriented little movies. Someday I’m gonna get them all on dvd and have copies or put them on YouTube. But, yeah it’s fun and sometimes pretty gratifying to go out with your homies and make a little recap of the day. It kinda gets people stoked.  You’re not trying to film an “end all be all” video part so there’s hardly any stress. although the internet is totally over saturating snowboard film making its just something you have to respect and roll with. But ill say one thing is there’s still nothing like buying a vid and watching it on a big tv and not a small little pixilated YouTtube screen.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I just have a small little canon hg 10 with a baby death. The lens is a must!!! Don’t skimp just get the schnieder optics, ‘cause weak ass wide angle lens’ just look lame. Skate style all the way. And final cut. I suck at titles but I wanna get after effects goin’ someday.

Which other movie makers do you admire?
Hunh? Burtner “Think Thank”! Mack Dawg, Absinthe, Justin Meyer, Carlino, Gary Milton and Robot Food holy crap!  Those movie shaped my snowboarding and film making in so many ways. And Transworld skate, Baker vids, Girl/ Chocolate vids. The skate world spawns so many great snow ideas.

Where can we find your work?,,, are usually where my edits go.

Do you think the Internet era of today is good for movie making or does it dilute the art?

Yeah I guess I kinda answered this but yeah it’s good but bad, u know. It’s here and all you can do is produce. You definitely get snowboarding overload and that sucks. I remember when you just waited for September for the new vids and that’s all you really went on. When I was in high school I remember calling the local shop like everyday waiting for the Forum video “True Life” to get in. But now you see mindblowing snowboarding on a daily basis. F#!#k it, the Internet is here so you just gotta roll with the media overload.