Both Sides Of The Lens

There’s a lot of dudes doubling as both riders and filmers these days. You’ve got Grenier documenting all the SFK homies. Jed Anderson logging lots of Cheese Dicks antics. TJ Schneider creating a record with Snowboard Realm. And Scott Stevens out there keeping it weird and rad.

Here’s a sample of some of our favorites and links to take you to their sites. Click the next page link at the bottom of post to check out every dudes offering. Keep killing time.

Chris Grenier

Why do you make movies?

Because it’s fun. It gives you a little minor feeling of accomplishment for the day.

What kind of equipment do you use? Camera? Editing software?

I use a little canon hv30 with a nice little fisheye. And final cut for editing.

Which other movie makers do you admire?

Carlino, Justin, Gary, Ty Evans, Jon Holland, Pierre Wikberg, Tanner Pendleton and Roobs, whoever made the alien workshop video. Scotty Stevens is pretty legit at editing.

Where can we find your work?

I edited these skate videos in high school called grody to the max. Or on Vimeo or

Do you think the Internet era of today is good for movie making or does it dilute the art?

I like crappy little Internet edits that I will only watch once or twice. But, I think I will still always buy a DVD of a good movie, I can watch that over and over. I think that they are both cool.

For edits from Jed Anderson click below….