Bliss: Jake Blauvelt and Friends Chase the Feeling in Naturally

Naturally is premiering to the world wide super web on Monday, October 14th, only on TWSNOW.COM. To hype up its release, we thought what could be better than putting our feature about Naturally, from our brand new November issue on the internet. Take a look, watch the teaser, and get stoked because after two full years, Naturally is finally out!

Bliss: Jake Blauvelt and Friends Chase the Feeling in Naturally

Words: John Poulin

Natural: Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

Naturally: Without artificial aid.


Jake Blauvelt. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

Naturally—it’s a movie, a way of looking at the backcountry, and it’s a little how Jake Blauvelt leads his life, with fun and personal expression as the principle keys to happiness.

“Snowboarding is about having fun and being creative,” he says, “it’s not about doing the hugest air or the gnarliest line, but being creative with the terrain in front of you and riding with your friends. When we go out into the mountains, it’s about finding that balance between nature and snowboarding, as opposed to just going out and changing the terrain and trying to dominate it. It’s taking a little more of a Zen approach to snowboarding… and it’s also a good approach to life in general. Going with the ebb and flow of things and not constantly fighting the current.”


People have always found wisdom in the wilderness. As they say in Jake’s home state of Vermont, take a hike. Jake Blauvelt and Eric Jackson. PHOTO: Scott Serfas

When it came to the project, Naturally, it was easy to get the right people on board. Bringing the focus back to creativity and exploration, as opposed to the ol’ build, huck, repeat formula, is a refreshing approach.

“The cool thing about backcountry riding is that it’s always changing and there’s always new terrain to explore,” Eric Jackson says, “crews get stuck in this rut of just building cheese wedges and getting double corks. To me, that can only take you so far. I feel like there are so many new trees to bonk and pillows to explode. It’s all about getting creative.”

Jake’s five pillars: health, family, friends, happiness, positivity. Finding refuge in a Hokkido, Japan wellness lodge. PHOTO: Scott Serfas.

Really, really refreshing…

“I think finding new ways of riding terrain and looking at the natural side of snowboarding is definitely going be the future,” Shane Pospisil says,   “anyone can build a cheese wedge and do a double cork these days but not everyone can go find that perfect natural feature that requires barely any work at all and go bang out tricks and hammers without putting the three hours of work into it. It really just makes it more fun and I think it looks so much cooler.”

You can plan and assess all you want, but spaces like this require full commitment to the unknown and trust in everything around you, including you. Blauvelt finding the balance in Hokkaido, Japan. PHOTO: Scott Serfas.

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