Ben Birk Experiences Bear With The Markass Crew

Words and Photos: Ben Birk

Squid Man, Team Puff, and MarkAss Mondays make Bear Mountain Resort a pretty cool place. Bluebird skies, 40 degree weather and endless jibs and jumps don’t hurt either. This was my first time to Bear. It’s unique to say the least. I met, and watched a wild girl with pink hair go down in some questionable acts. I partook in some of California’s finest green tobacco. I met a new time record for descending highways 18 and 330. On hill, the MarkAss Monday crew got really creative for this week’s edit. After finding a yellow fence, we used it to spice up the feature in the Red Bull Plaza. Will Bateman, Ryan Tarbell and Chad Tarbell were the main men putting in time for the edit with Anthony Mazzotti and Justin Mulfurd adding to the shot list. If there is one thing I learned on this trip, it’s that Bear is kick ass and that you always need to lap the bunny hill before you leave.

Will Bateman, Ben Birk, Markass, Bear Mountain