Anatomy Of A Signal Snowboard

Anatomy Of A Signal Snowboard

Do you ever wonder where your snowboard came from? What hands have touched it? How did it manifest and make its way under your feet to dangle off the chairlift?

Chances are it was squirted out of a factory by robot arms, not human hands. Which isn’t necessarily a negative thing, but just so you know, you can pick up a board made by a snowboarder like yourself. The crew at The Lodge-Signal Snowboards’ factory-still pumps ‘em out. One at a time, by hand. To prove it, they let us come and lay up a few custom ones. From base to core and topsheet to graphics we walked through the process. Follow the slideshow to see the ins and outs of the factory how each was made by hand.

Be sure to check the video from board building and riding: Part One, Part Two

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