Ambiguous Names Snow Team Manager

Ambiguous Names Snow Team Manager

Ambiguous is proud to announce Jon Francis to the program. Jon will be holding down the snow and skate teams as well as handling marketing for the company. Jon brings a lot of snow and skate experience to the company and Ambiguous is stoked to have him aboard.

Ambiguous is also stoked to have added Vinny Vegas and Matt Ball to the pro team for skate. Vinny and Matt have both moved to So Cal and can be found shredding a local spot near you. While Matt decided to hurt his knee right before Tampa Am, 13 year old Chris Gregson was destroying the vert ramp. In his first year at the contest he finished third place in vert, showing the big boys how it’s done. Being his first year his nerves took hold of him in the street contest, but watch out for this kid next year.

In other news Corey Smith, Sean Tedore, Travis Kennedy, Chris Bradshaw, and Cory Cronk could be found wondering around Vegas for SIA. The jib contest at Hard Rock Hotel went off. While Cronk, and Bradshaw were eliminated early, Travis was throwing down. Travis went head to head with Jeremy Jones in the finals, which personally I think he won, but the victory was given to the big name JEREMY JONES.

Vans Triple Crown made a stop in Mammoth this weekend. The weather was great and so were Cory Cronks slope style runs. He advanced to the finals were he was robbed of a top ten finish. Call it strange, I don’t know why, but Cory was also robbed of a first place finish at the Active triple jump at Mtn. High a couple of weeks ago. Just ask the crowd. I don’t know what’s up with judges these days, but you probably wont find Cronk in another contest for a while. After two disappointing contests Cronk will just be focusing on filming his part now, or until he has all four nines down pact. Maybe then he will be placed what he disserves.