Adventuremobiles: Little House on Wheels

Adventure-Mobiles: Little House on Wheels

This story originally appeared in the Adventuremobiles section of the February 2015 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding and has been updated with the photo gallery above. Subscribe here

Words: Ben Gavelda

Andy Bergin-Sperry is a Pacific Northwest drifter and a pretty capable craftsman. Working all summer as a framer in Bellingham, Washington for Method Homes (and unofficial security guard by living in their parking lot), he's developed quite the skillset and scrap pile, which he used to create this tiny home trailer.

"With no insulation and no interior, I slept in a hammock above the piles of my life on the floor for winter,” says Bergin-Sperry of his home. “After I landed the job at Method, I used scraps and spare time to finish it. All-in-all it took about a year to complete."

Warm And Dry

Photo: Dyan Hallet
Photo: Dyan Hallet

Waterproofing and good insulation are probably the most important features of my house! I spent a lot of time on these two parts and it was my first time both waterproofing and insulating a house. Somehow, I've had zero leaks and my house holds heat very well.

Dining Room Table

Photo: Dylan Hallet
Photo: Dylan Hallet

My dining room/office/kitchen table folds down against the wall. Once out of the way, the room transforms into my party hosting/living room/guest bedroom/gym/rec room/dance floor!

Kitchen Connection

Photo: Dylan Hallet
Photo: Dylan Hallet

I do the majority of my cooking on my barbecue. Using it is easy, clean, and it cooks bacon the best!

I didn't want to clutter my space and always had a goal to keep water out, so I decided I would just shower outside. I have a solar shower bag that I typically fill up with hot water and shower outside with a view.  It does get a bit chilly anytime besides summer though!

A Tiny Mural

Photo: Dylan Hallet
Photo: Dylan Hallet

My buddy Erik Headberg created the drawing above my bed. It’s mountains, ocean, and a road going off into the distance. And I have yet to whack my head on the ceiling… I can’t say that of the ladies, though…

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