Photos: Jeff Brockmeyer

The 2014 Grand Prix from Breckenridge: Slopestyle Qualifiers

Part of the Five Stops To Sochi series presented by Mammoth

Slope qualifiers went off today. The sun was out for part of the time and people were feeling it. Take a look at the action above, and check out results below.

Slope finals were supposed to be held on Friday, January 10, but due to bad weather they have been postponed to Saturday for now.

Torstein Horgmo. PHOTO: Jeff Brockmeyer.


1. Billy Morgan

2. Nik Baden

3. Stale Sandbech

4. Mans Hedberg

5. Max Parrot

6, Mikey Ciccarelli

7. Ryan Stassel

8. Shaun White

9. Chas Guldemond

10. Eric Beauchemin

11. Jamie Nicholls

12. Sage Kotsenburg

13. Torstein Horgmo

14. Brandon Davis

15. Sven Thorgren

16. Ulrik Badertscher



1. Jamie Anderson

2. Spencer O’Brien

3. Kjersti Buaas

4. Jenny Jones

5. Silje Norendal

6. Ty Walker

7. Karly Schorr