Updated: 2013 Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom Preview And Qualifiers


DCP rallyin’. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

2013 Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom Preview

The annual pilgrimage to the Northwest is underway. Terje Haakonsen will be defending his first place golden duct tape roll from last year, and considering the crews in town, the competition is heavy. Travis Rice, Nicolas Muller, Josh Dirksen, Temple Cummins, Lucas Debari, Blair Habenicht and hordes of snowboarding’s best are lurking, soaking up new pow and getting ready for the 28th annual Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom to begin. Before the waxing, chowder and sidebets start, here’s a rundown of the weekend preview of photos to get the hype going.

The recent storm dropped a good dollip of snow on the course. While most crews were out tracking up the mountain, a lucky few snuck in some inspection laps in the buttery berms. Is the course better for goofy footers or regular boarders? There’s a mean right hander around a tree up top if that tells you anything. But Terje’s qualified switch before, so does it even matter? We overheard longtime loc Pat McCarthy mention early today that, “This is the best banked course I’ve ever ridden here, it’s so smooth.” We’ll see what he has to say on Sunday when the banks are scraped down to hardpack.

If it’s your first time to the event, the course starts right off the top of Chair 5. The race kicks off  with qualifiers on Friday, February 8th. For more info visit mtbaker.us 


Qualifying results:

Pro Women

Maelle Ricker 1:37. 050
Laura Hadar 1:40.217
Dominique Vallee 1:42.641
Shannon Yates 1:43.971

Pro Men

Nate Holland 1:33.294
Rob Fagan 1:33.634
Graham Wantanabe 1:34.258
Temple Cummins 1:34.606
Blair Habenicht 1:35.047
Curtis Ciszek 1:35.303
Lucas Debari 1:35.486
Travis Rice 1:35.927
Seth Wescott 1:35.982
Jason Robinson 1:36.009
Josh Dirksen 1:36.075
Wolle Nyvelt 1:36.175
Dustin Anderson 1:36.250
Tucker Andrews 1:36.550
Harry Kearney 1:36.609
Bryan Fox 1.36:647
Rob Kingwell 1:36.789
Shaun Palmer 1:36.866
Sammy Luebke 1:37.040
Nate Kewin 1:37.245
Wes Makepeace 1:37.364
Ryan Roemer 1:37.429

For more results check out the LBS site




8:00–8:45 Registration

9:00–9:45 Inspection

10:00 Race Start

1:30 Music and fire pit at White Salmon Day Lodge

Nighttime – Givin video at Chair 9 in Glacier

Wax Party at Mt Baker Snowboard Shop



9:07-9:23 Course inspection

9:30 Race Start

4:00 Finalist posting

2:30–5:30 Bonfire, Baked Salmon BBQ, Music at Raven Hut Lodge



9:15 Finals Race Start

4:00 Awards

Scott Sullivan and Wes Makepeace jam at Grahams