The 2013 Lib Tech Downtown Throwdown

Photos and captions by Tim Zimmerman

This past weekend Lib Tech held their annual Downtown Throwdown in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. In past the Downtown Throwdown was held in Seattle, and San Francisco, but this year it was time for a change. The powers that be put their thinking caps on and came up with hosting it in Minneapolis, and what better city to host the event than the city where the majority of the new rail riders live. Everyone came out to ride. Riders like Jonas Michilot, Jake OE, Ryan Paul, and Jesse Paul all came out to ride some of Snowboy Productions infamous steel.

At the end of the day the results were as follows:

1.Ryan Paul

2. Nial Romanek

3. Aidan Flanagan

4. Ted Borland

5. Jaeger Bailey

Check out the photo gallery above to see all the action that you missed by not going to the Lib Tech Downtown Throwdown.

Jesse Paul. PHOTO: Tim Zimmerman