2012 Seattle DownTown ThrowDown: Full Recap!

Photos: Bryan Giddens

Words and Captions: Hondo

For the past 7 years the Downtown Throwdown has been a staple in the Northwest snowboard scene. Riders come from all over to dust off the sea legs and get that feeling of snowboarding back before it starts dumping in the near by mountains. While this is the 1st DTTD that I’ve ever been to, from what I’ve been told is that every year the event has gotten bigger and bigger. That makes sense to me becasue this year the event was huge, with about a thousand people chilling and watching, and a field of around 25 of the best rail riders. I could give you a play by play recap, but the photos will tell a better story. But I will leave you with a few notes:

Jonah Owen is really, really good. He rode in my opinion better at the DTTD than he did at Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails. And he won Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails…

Dylan Thompson can shred. I really can’t wait to see his new video part.

Brandon Hobush has one of the best new styles in snowboarding. He makes everything look cool.

Andrew Brewer was riding really well too. He barely missed out on grabbing a giant cardboard I.O.U

Desiree Melancon was the only girl in the event. Krush’s events are gender neutral, so she was riding up against the dudes.


Here are the results:

1. Brandon Hobush

2. Dylan Thompson

3. Ryan Paul

4. Jaeger Bailey

5. Jonah Owen

Monster Energy Award: Spencer Shubert for his crazy caveman lipslide

Crabgrab/ Think Thank stoke award: Max Warbington