2010 Video Preview

Cool Story / Think Thank

35% Backcountry, 10% Park, 40% Street, 15% Unquantifiable Alternative Snow Play

Riders: Sean Genovese, Tim Eddy, Nick Visconti, Jesse Burtner, Gus Engle, Chris Beresford, Johnny Miller, Ben Bogart, Chris Larson, Mark Thompson, Blair Habenicht, Sam Hulbert, Andre Spinelli, Matt Edgers, Pat Milbery, Austin Hironaka, Scott Stevens, Jason Robinson, Patrick McCarthy, Chris Brewster and Brady Farr.

Production Crew:
Jesse Burtner, Christina Burtner, Sean Genovese
Ross Phillips, Mack Collins and a bunch of other sweet dudes who rule

One word to sum up the season: Epic

Two riders to watch out for: Watch out for team Dino, Sean Genovese and Chris Larson, because they’re scary dudes.  Riding wise watch out for an awesome Tim Eddy experience and everyone else too, no one really blew it this year.

Three obstacles or low points during the year:
Since the movie was a story of our season the obstacles just become story lines and made it interesting.  I guess you could say:
1. Volcano
2. Avalanches
3. Money

Four highlights from the year:
1. Johnny Miller “Z” tube on my birthday
2. Best Japan trip ever
3. Everything that Gus did was hilarious
4. Beresford.
41/2. Chris Larson graduating high school, miracle.

Five reasons why this movie will get the viewer stoked:
1. That Genovese part!
2. Lots of funny random things telling the story
3. Lots of other interesting stories that all snowboarders can relate to.
4. Nick Visconti shirtless technical insanity.
5. It was a really good time making this movie and it’s a good time watching it.