2010 Video Preview

Neverland / Absinthe Films

74% Backcountry, 4% Park, 22% Street

Riders: Travis Rice, Bode Merrill, Dan Brisse, JP Solberg, Romain deMarchi, DCP, Sylvain Bourbousson, Marc Frank Montoya, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Jules Reymond, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Cale Zima, Phil Damianakes, Nicolas Müller, Kevin Pearce, Eero Ettala, Gigi Rüf.

Production Crew:
Directed by Justin Hostynek & Patrick Armbruster
Produced by Patrick Armbruster
Edited by Justin Hostynek
Unit 1: Justin Hostynek, Shane Charlebois , David Vladyka, Paul Watt, Patrick Armbruster.
Unit 2: Gabe Langlois, Jared Slater, Eric Brandt, Travis “LJ” Johnson, Brock Harris, Brock Nielsen, Aaron Hooper.

One word to sum up the season:

Two riders to watch out for:
Bode Merrill and Sylvain Bourbousson.

Three obstacles or low points during the year:
Justin getting into an avalanche.
Brusti’s broken wrist.
Shane’s broken wrist.

Four highlights from the year:
Too much snow.
Travis being back.
Shane and his crew stacking up amazing shots.
Japan trip with Kevin, Nicolas and Eero.

Five reasons why this movie will get the viewer stoked:
Banger line up.
Full spectrum snowboarding.
Unseen terrain.
Heavy and creative action.
Absinthe’s best film yet.