2010 Video Preview

Black Winter / Standard

51% Backcountry, 19% Park, 30% Street

Riders: Torstein Horgmo, Jason Dubois, Andrew Geeves, Leanne Pelosi, Mark Landvik, Chas Guldemond, Andreas Wiig, Xavier Delerue, Dave Short, Ben Lynch, Eric Jackson, Halldor Helgason, Lonnie Kauk.

Production Crew:
Directed and edited by Travis Robb, Produced by Mike Hatchett, Production Management by Waide Hoyt. Principle Filmers: Travis Robb, Mike Hatchett, Chris Ondercin, Ryan O’Dowd.

One word to sum up the season:

Two riders to watch out for:
Halldor Helgason and Lonnie Kauk.

Three obstacles or low points during the year:
Mark Landvik caught in an avalanche. Eric Jackson getting injured. Truck breakdowns on the Alaska Highway.

Four highlights from the year:
Xavier Delerue wins Big Mtn Title. Torstein Horgmo stomps three 10s on one jump in one day. Halldor Helgason stomping double cork 10 at heli-shoot. Lonnie Kauk and Andreas Wiig beating all other film crews to the I-80 drop.

Five reasons why this movie will get the viewer stoked:
For starters, the Torstein Horgmo, Xavier Delerue, Jason Dubois, Eric Jackson, and Mark Landvik segments.