2010 Video Preview

This Video Sucks / ThirtyTwo/Stepchild


Production Crew:

One word to sum up the season:

Two riders to watch out for:
Simon and JP

Three obstacles you faced or low points during the year:
1. Waiting for weather.
2. Sexton’s farts.
3. Broken down sleds is an easy one.
4. Road food.
5. STD hotel beds.
6. Seeing 30 other film crews stressing and panicking for shots—is anyone having fun anymore?
7. Having to wake up at 3AM to beat 30 stressing and panicking film crews to jumps we had already built.
8. The price of new snowmobiles and how shitty they really are. (And bombardier makes airplanes! Is anyone safe?)
9. Sharing small beds with your bro.

Four highlights from the year:
1. Watching riders having fun and pushing themselves at the same time-no need to stress.
2. Seeing Joe Sexton’s beat ass sled make it places where it really shouldn’t have.
3. Knowing that it’s going to be over soon.
4. Knowing that there is not one slimy video distributor that’s going to make a dime on our movie. Pay your f—king bills!
5. Pissing off industry people that are bummed our movie is for free—wake up fools!
6. Nobody on our crew had girl problems this year.
7. Knowing that the whole world isn’t pressing the pause button until our movie comes out.
8. Not caring what people think of our video.

Five reasons why this movie will get the viewer stoked:
1. It’s snowboarding.
2. It’s free.
3. What does stoked mean?
4. It’s not wakeboarding.
5. Eman.
6. No halfpipe or contest footage.
7.  No kids trying to be something they are not.