2010 Video Preview

Not Bad / Variety Pack

49% Backcountry, 2% Park, 49% Street

Riders: Alex Andrews, Ben Hanisch, Trevor Rhoda, Max Honegger, Gulli Gudmundsson, Sean Black, Jed Anderson, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, JP Tomich, Knut Eliassen, Brandon Hammid, Ben Farrell, Ted Borland, Mac Spedale, Clint Allan, Andrew Burns, Mark Sollors, Cam Pierce, & Matt Belzile

Production Crew:
Directed & Edited by Eddie Grams

Filmed by Eddie Grams & Hayden Rensch with help from Mark Dangler & the other Cole Taylor.


One word to sum up the season:

Two riders to watch out for:
Matt Belzile
Alex Andrews

Three obstacles or low points during the year:
Running out of budget money in February. Seized, broken, & rolled sleds. The Utah bust-factor.

Four highlights from the year:
Cam filming his part in 10 days (8 rails, 1 day at Park City, 1 day doubled 16 miles into the backcountry).
Sollors filming his backcountry in 4 days.
Brandon being in the Air Force & still getting 85 shots.
being AbLe to not have to work with peopLe who steal Your money & screw your riders out of their rightful incentives.

Five reasons why this movie will get the viewer stoked:
There won’t be a let-down until the black screen at the end, but it’s okay because you can just start it over.
The dance party is dead.
You get to know who the riders are without s#!tty voiceovers.
If Knut’s part doesn’t make you want to snowboard it’s time for a new hobby.
At $19.99 for a dvd & $5.99 for a download it is the least expensive on the market while still living up to both the crew name AND video name, guaranteed!