2010 Video Preview

Montevideo / Autumn Line

Back Country 45%, 45% Street, Park 10%

Riders: Brett Butcher, Gabe Taylor, Brendan Hayes, Nick Viconti, Pat Lynch, Andreas Gidlund, Taylor Carlton, Kyle Miller, others …

Production Crew:
Adam Porter, Matthew Porter, Mark Wiitanen (Producers / Filmers)…  Tyler Malay (Filmer)

One word to sum up the season:

Two riders to watch out for:
Kyle Miller, Taylor Carlton … Up and comers, and new Autumn Line blood.

Three obstacles or low points during the year:
Making a mostly self-funded snowboard movie in the worst economy since the 30’s with bunch of super-broke snowboarders.
Battling fickle California weather.
Mountain cops.

Four highlights from the year:
Mark getting lost deep in the woods for hours at Sugar Bowl during a snowstorm and hiking out through chest deep snow.
First day out in the Tahoe backcountry netted 6 or 7 shots between Brett and Kyle. And, Mark forgot his snowshoes and hiked out through chest deep snow.
Amazing early filming trip back home in the Midwest, including finding a new zone that had like 4 sick spots within about a mile radius.  Spent about 3 days without having to drive more than a half mile.
We finally got a VCR. It changed our lives.  Watch the movie, you’ll see [Mark hiking out through chest deep snow]

Five reasons why this movie will get the view stoked:
It’s like nothing you’ve seen ever before in a snowboard video… we promise.
It’s gotta hip 80’s soundtrack and totally radical vibe .
It’s got the goods for kids who like street rails, for kids who like backcountry, and for kids who like park.
It’ll bring back memories of being a kid.
It represents snowboarding at the everyday level … True & legit spots & tricks, but with a vibe that’ll make you want to go ride it all yourself.