2009 Top Five: TransWorld Adventures

#1. Alaska

Hey, we’ve got a trip going, it involves glacier camping in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park for a month and splitboarding up peaks with Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Jonaven Moore, Johan Olofsson, and guide Tom Burt, and taking the hard way down. You want to go?! Photographer Dan Milner signed up for the mission and brought back what we think is the most epic adventure story and images of the year. The fourteen-page feature is in the January issue. It’s part of a two-year film called Deeper, produced by TGR. ”

“… I pull my boot liners from the bottom of my sleeping bag where they’ve been surviving the cold alongside camera batteries, and push them into stubborn, frozen boots, scrambling from my tent to face the first warming rays of sunrise and smiles all round.”—Dan Milner

Deeper in Alasak. PHOTO: Dan Milner
Deeper in Alaska. PHOTO: Dan Milner