X Games 2014 Men’s Halfpipe Qualifiers

PHOTOS: Chris Wellhausen

While it may have been cold tonight during Day One of X Games 2014 in Aspen, Colorado, the halfpipe was red hot during the men’s qualifying. Dudes like Ben Ferguson, Ipod, Danny Davis, and Benji Farrow were straight up killing it. Check out the full results below.

Louie Vito. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.

Full Results:

1* Iouri Podladtchikov73.33R88.0088.00
2* Ben FergusonR80.0026.6680.00
3* Danny DavisR77.0038.3377.00
4* Benji Farrow75.0034.0075.00
5* Louie Vito66.3372.0072.00
6* Scotty James70.0022.6670.00
7* Yiwei Zhang14.3368.3368.33
8* Greg Bretz67.6618.6667.66
9Christian Haller16.3364.0064.00
10Shuhei Sato63.0052.0063.00
11Taku Hiraoka60.6658.6660.66
12Gabe Ferguson14.0036.6636.66
13Scotty Lago35.0032.3335.00
14Taylor Gold33.3321.3333.33
15Mason Aguirre32.6612.0032.66

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